Visiting La Vida

Our clients and team welfare is our top priority

What to expect when you visit the salon

You may only visit the salon if you have an appointment – to make an appointment ring 01323 727272 or email us at or message via our Facebook page. Online booking is unavailable for the present moment.

If you wish to purchase items, then call salon and we will prepare your purchases for collection. You will pay at collection.

Client Questionnaire

You will receive a questionnaire before your appointment to check you are fit and well.


If you need to cancel due to self-isolation, then you will not be allowed to rebook your appointment for 10 days. Other cancellations may be rebooked earlier at the salon’s discretion

Salon Arrival

Please arrive on time and on your own – there are no waiting chairs for visitors or you to sit and wait. Bring minimal items with you. The less contact with items we have the better the chance of not spreading any virus/germs.

Everyone will be asked to wait by reception until they are asked into the salon. Here you will have your temperature taken.

You will be asked to hang your own coat and be required to wash your hands with soap & water, before being seated. All clients will be given a freshly laundered pack containing a gown, gloves, mask, disposable towel. (You may wear your own mask) These are always to be worn during your appointment.

You will not be allowed to move freely around the salon and must always adhere to social distancing.

If we feel it is too busy in the salon while you are waiting for colour to develop, you may be seated in the downstairs colour lounge.

Please keep chat to a minimum while having your hair washed, as this is nearly face to face. All consultations will be done through the mirror to avoid face to face contact.

The New Normal