La Vida COVID Commitment

Employees are required to disposable gloves throughout service, from welcoming clients to the end of the service. We ask that you use the soap and hand cream supplied in between your clients in order that the risk of dry or sore hands can be restricted.

No Dry Haircuts

Under No circumstances – hair must be washed before cutting

Clients Not to Handle or Touch Our Equipment

Under no circumstances should a client handle any piece of equipment or tools.

Workstations and Shelving

After every client, contact surfaces such as chair, arms of chairs, workstations and shelves must be wiped with a grease dissolving cleaner/Zoflora. Cut hair should be swept up before cutting. Cut hair should not be blown away with a hairdryer.

Work Tools

Combs are to be disinfected in Barbicide as usual; remember they should be submerged for a minimum of 20 mins. Brushes placed in the sterilising cabinet after removing hair etc then wrapped to keep clean. NO unwrapped brushes to be used.
Each night brushes etc must be washed in warm soapy water and Zoflora.

Working Hours Breaks

The occupancy density of work area’s and shared facilities are to be equalised in terms of time. For example, by shift working to ensure only 3 team members plus assistant is the optimum working practices to ensure safety. At the start of your shift and at the end of your shift time will be allowed to change your working wear safely.

Hairdressing Capes and Workwear

It cannot be ruled out that corona virus can be passed on through clothing. All towels and gowns must be laundered between clients at 60 degrees with detergent and dried thoroughly. Work wear must be laundered at work also at 60 degrees. Ensure you leave at the salon and have enough that you have laundered work wear for each day you work. Client gown packs to be prepared at the end of the day ready for the next day.

Written Waiver

All Clients must undertake a questionnaire pre their appointment and understand that they willingly come to the salon at their own risk.

Written Documentation

The clients must be informed of the current measures to protect against the infection of Covid-19. GDPR applies – however they must realise that if infected person is found in salon / or has been in contact – we may have to pass details on.