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    1. What were your first impressions of the salon?

    2. How would you describe the attitude of the staff at the salon?

    3. Are you always able to book an appointment when it is convenient for you?

    4. Do you always receive a confirmation text before your appointment?

    5. Are you always made to feel welcome and offered a drink when you arrive at the salon?

    6. Is the salon always clean and tidy?

    7. Are there any treatments not currently in our salon that you would like to see offered?

    8. Have you ever had cause to make a complaint, and if so, was it dealt with to your satisfaction?

    9. Are you always asked if you would like to re-book an appointment before you leave?

    10. Did you think your appointment was value for money?

    11. Does your Stylist discuss products with you and offer samples for you to try at home?

    12. Would you recommend La Vida Hairdressing to your friends?

    13. If you have chosen not to re-visit our salon would you offer an insight as to how we could do better?

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